Climb to the Moon!

477,714,000 steps

406,508,280 to go

71,205,720 so far

Ever dream of visiting the moon? It seems so far away; after all it is 238,857 miles, or 477,714,000 steps.

Imagine that with every step you took you got closer to the moon. Would it inspire you to take extra steps every day or climb the stairs rather than take the elevator? It’s inspired us!

Since 477,714,000 are a lot of steps, we’re banding together with people just like you from all over the world to “climb to the moon.” We have no deadline, just a goal to inspire folks to take a few “extra” steps each day in the name of fun and fitness.

Come and join the fun! What do you have to lose… a few pounds perhaps?

By the way, we think of this as a team mission. Please feel free to visit our Facebook page and socialize with your fellow Moon Climbers.

Lets shoot for the moon and make this happen!

How to participate

  1. Follow us on Twitter @moonclimb
  2. We will follow you back
  3. Walk/run or climb stairs and track your steps
  4. Tweet your achievement as shown below *
  5. We read your tweets and report our progress

* Sample tweets

Today I did 100 steps for @moonclimb

@Moonclimb inspired me to climb 50 extra steps at work

Be creative, and be sure to include the text shown in blue.

Recent Achievements

114,400 steps
10,684,130 so far
Schedule finally getting back to normal although weather has turned cold and wet (but no snow). Total for week: 114400 steps @MoonClimb
100,000 steps
6,954,691 so far
100,000 steps just for you @MoonClimb. Happy #DaylightSavingTime!
35,000 steps
652,500 so far
Hello, @moonclimb. I have at least 35,000 steps for you from last week. Thanks!
400,000 steps
4,066,103 so far
@MoonClimb: at least 400,000 steps on recent months. Sorry for not sending!!!
136,000 steps
4,064,000 so far
@MoonClimb March #fitness included 68 miles = 136,000 steps. #cardio Cheers!
30,351 steps
429,769 so far
@MoonClimb I missed a few weeks, but the group has been climbing, mostly inside. Our new count to add to the total is 30,351 steps.
9,000 steps
11,179 so far
@MoonClimb busy busy! 9000 steps ascended in the last month!
114,924 steps
384,606 so far
@MoonClimb This is for the last month an a half. stairs 41,244 + 73,640 running. Combined 114924 steps.
7,304 steps
79,150 so far
@MoonClimb I'm still climbing at work plus also hitting the stairclimber at the gym: 7304 steps
32,000 steps
1,336,539 so far
@MoonClimb 32,000 steps in GB and beautiful Scotland